How to: Increase Social Media Following via Email

Please find original post here: How to: Increase Social Media Following via Email.

Looking for ways to get more “likes” or follows? Here are tips to get consumers to follow your brand through email.

1. Make it easy to find your social media links by putting them on your email signature or subscription page.

2. Make it a value exchange by featuring a discussion, asking a question or even offering resources. Don’t just ask them to “be your friend.” Using a certain level of intrigue and reciprocation is much more effective in obtaining new signups.

3. More than 40% of consumers check their email on mobile devices. Make sure you are mobile friendly. The key is to give people the ability to interact via mobile devices.

4. Run a campaign where your primary call to action is to invite consumers to join your social media following. Use a content engagement strategy to get them there, get a dialogue going and then make your business offer.

5. Create special emails for your social media club by making exclusive offers to them first. Seek their help in getting the word out to their group of friends.


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