Post-Grad Crisis

Dear Class of 2011,

If you’re like me and wondering “WTF am I doing with my life?”… you’re not alone. Whether your next endeavor includes grad school, starting a new job or backpacking through Europe, we’re all in the same boat. Diploma in hand, ready to conquer the world and broke as a joke. This is what I like to call the post-grad crisis. It’s even become a joke between my friends and I. I’d love to tell you that visiting a psychic to tell me what to do with my life never crossed my worried mind, but it did. Low point. Maybe this stems from an awful habit of second-guessing. Either way, it’s an inevitable feeling. There’s a reason those young alum repeatedly tell you to never graduate. We should’ve listened. So here’s my advice to the infant college grads: hang in there. Things can only be so bad for so long. Oh and don’t you forget about my favorite cheesy quote: “Everything happens for a reason.” Don’t be a Monday morning quarterback dwelling over things you should have done. Let’s be honest, no one likes those people. Toughen up and listen to your gut. Since you know how much I love quotes, here’s a new one to take with you.




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