Gmail Labs You Should Enable

Gmail labs act as apps inside your mailbox, enhancing your overall Gmail experience. They aren’t permanent Gmail features yet, so they could disappear at any time. Some labs increase productivity, some are just for fun, but they all are unique. I’ve sorted out my faves to share with you.
  1. Auto-advance: Shows the next email instead of your inbox after you delete, archive or mute a conversation.
  2. Background Send: Sends your email while you continue to sort through your inbox.
  3. Create a Document: Now you can create a Google doc from any email convo.
  4. Default Text Styling: Allows you to change the default text styling when you send out emails.
  5. Extra Emoji: Offers a healthy amount of emoticon characters to spice up your email.
  6. Google Maps Preview: Shows a Google Map preview of all the addresses found in an email.
  7. Sender Time Zone: This is helpful if you’re in a time crunch and dealing with different time zones. Now you can avoid an awkward phone call from waking someone up in the middle of the night.
  8. Signature Tweaks: I don’t like that Gmail places your signature at the bottom of an email thread. This places your signature before the quoted text in a reply and removes the “–” line that appears before signatures.
  9. Undo Send: I saved the best for last. This is BRILLIANT! Have you ever hit “Send” after realizing you forgot to mention something, left out an attachment or simply regretted sending the message? This stops messages from being sent for a few seconds after hitting the send button.

Google labs are equally awesome.


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