Qualifications of an Ideal PR Candidate

Are you studying public relations, journalism or a communications-related field and looking for an internship or full-time position? I’ve gathered a list of skills and qualifications that these employers are looking for in an ideal candidate.


• Superior written and verbal communication skills

• Familiarity with multiple forms of digital media, including websites, blogs, multimedia applications and custom features for social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, etc.).

• Excellent interpersonal skills

• Ability to juggle multiple tasks along with excellent time management skills

• Understanding of how various communications disciplines intersect (public relations, advertising, marketing)

• Creative thinking and analytical problem solving skills

• Ability to contribute strategies, tactics and creative ideas to client accounts

• Creatively write client materials (press releases, advisories, articles)

• Build media lists and pitch media

• Execute social media/networking campaigns and blogger outreach

• Conduct research and prepare news summaries

• Participate in account group brainstorms, strategy and creative sessions, contributing digital/interactive/new media ideas

• Coordinate event logistics

• Stay abreast of the latest and upcoming trends in digital communications

It is important to identify your strengths and weaknesses according to this list before you step in the office for an interview. Also, be able to explain a detailed situation where you successfully demonstrated each bullet point. Once you’re able to prove these qualifications to an employer, you’ll be one step closer to the job offer you deserve.


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