Sorry About Your Luck, Verizon

It’s time to come out about my selfishness towards Verizon announcing a release date of the iPhone. I’ve been an AT&T fan long before it was called AT&T. (Remember Ameritech and SBC?) I guess I should throw it out there that I really had no choice. My mom has worked for AT&T when it was Ameritech and SBC, and now AT&T. She has 35 years as an AT&T employee. Pretty impressive. So it’s no coincidence that my family reaps the benefits of having an AT&T employee in the house. Now you can understand why I’m a little bitter about Verizon offering the iPhone. I’ve had mine since July ’09 and absolutely loved it. AT&T’s service has been excellent and the iPhone is amazing. It seems like I belong to an exclusive club that’s just announced it’s adding the rest of the world to its guest list. Since I am an iPhone fan, I don’t want to tell people to go to the Android side. Instead, I will point out two reasons that would make a potential Verizon iPhone owner want to switch to the AT&T iPhone.

number one

Verizon says they’re offering an unlimited data plan for the iPhone, which should one-up the AT&T iPhone. First off, AT&T offered the unlimited data plan originally for $30/month, but switched to a more effective plan. There are two options, one with 200 MB for $15/month or 2 G for $25/month. I have owned my iPhone 3GS since July ’09 and when these new data options came out in July ’10, I hadn’t even used 2 G since I bought the phone! So, while Verizon attempts to entice users with an appealing unlimited data plan, what you’ll really get is a hefty monthly bill.

number two

See this screen shot? It’s how the WordPress app looks on the iPhone during a call.

data & voice

Take a good look, Verizon users, because you won’t see it on your iPhone. Verizon uses the CDMA network, which doesn’t allow their phones web access during calls. Sorry about your luck.

sorry about your luck, verizon


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