Working the Twitterverse: A True Networking Success Story

Two nights ago, I sat in front of my MacBook, continually refreshing my Twitter feed while sharing the latest gossip with my mom. Sounds pretty uneventful. But after randomly connecting with a new follower over our dog photos, it was anything but uneventful. Seeing this guy’s credentials, being a news anchor and all, I worked up a little confidence to send him a message asking if I could shadow him for a day. I’ve always been interested in broadcasting and dreamed of pursuing a career in the field. With only months left until graduation, why not explore my options? After exchanging a few messages, the busy news anchor contacted me that very same night asking if I’d like to shadow him in the morning. In the morning?! It’s midnight and you’re inviting me to shadow you in a matter of hours? Are you kidding me? YES, YES & YES! There was no doubt in my mind. This is the career opportunity of a lifetime. This could change everything. I had so much adrenaline running through my system, I woke my parents up and explained my excitement. They were humbled and knew what this meant to me.

The next day did not disappoint. It was so much more than I expected. Stephen Clark, WXYZ-TV Action News Anchor showed me what a day in the life looked like for him. We drove with his cameraman to the General Motors Renaissance Center preparing for a story on the Chevy Volt. Stephen interviewed GM spokesperson, Rob Peterson, while driving the Volt around Belle Isle. We returned to the Channel 7 studio and Stephen introduced me to colleagues and toured me around the office. I met Chuck Stokes, Diana Lewis and Carolyn Clifford before watching them film a segment on Detroit 2020, which airs Sunday morning. The entire day was unreal, the staff were amazing and the experience was inspiring. People call this work? This is my dream job.

Stephen and the Channel 7 crew shared amazing advice throughout my job shadow. The most important piece of advice I took away from my experience is to be adaptable. This key to success relates to any field, whether you’re employed or searching. Stephen also mentioned something my brother (and role model) told me earlier that day:

love and money

This experience wouldn’t have happened without networking and social media. The opportunities are out there. Go find them.

Do you have an inspiring networking success story? I’d love to hear about it. Connect with me on LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter or comment below.


2 thoughts on “Working the Twitterverse: A True Networking Success Story

  1. Rachelle – I love this story. So inspiring. Especially since it’s coming from the Detroit area with the economy the way it is. If this isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is. You are a social media master!

    -Aaron (@amccarthy01)

    1. Thanks, Aaron! I don’t know about social media master, but I’m enjoying the learning experience. It’s constantly evolving and there’s always something new to peak your interest.

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