5 Tips for College Job Seekers

You’re a college senior, about to begin the last semester of your undergrad. Your main priority? YOUR JOB SEARCH! Why? The time invested in your job search now pays back immensely later. Remember that you have competition. Nobody owes you a job. You’ve worked just as hard as the rest of ’em. Set yourself apart.
Job Search
New year, new techniques. It’s time to begin planning for life beyond next weekend.
Here are 5 tips for college job seekers:
  1. Make the career center your best friend. The services offered to you for free would normally cost money to outsiders. It is their job to find you one.
  2. Network constantly. This requires you to go out of your comfort zone. It’s not networking if it’s with your friends. Think acquaintances you’ve met once or twice. If you exchanged contact info, great. If not, use your Facebook creeping skills to find them. Connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, and send them an email asking for advice. Trust me, they’ll remember you.
  3. Research employers you’re interviewing with as if you’re studying for an exam. Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer for information about the company.
  4. Prepare a list of questions to ask that are specific to that company. Use their answers to target your conclusion statement. Tell them how you can cater to their needs, not how they need to cater to yours.
  5. Attend job fairs at other colleges. Many allow attendees from other colleges, which means you. Take advantage of these outside resources.
Source: The College Grad Job Hunter, 6th Edition By: Brian D. Krueger, C.P.C.

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