Marking Your Territory

This afternoon, my dad asked me if I could look into the steps to register a trademark. He has a good idea of what he wants his company to do and how he plans on doing it. What neither of us knew was how complicated it is (or appears) to get started.

First, let me answer the first question that came to my mind during the search:

What exactly does a trademark represent?

Translation: A trademark is a brand name.

Secondly, why do you need one?

I googled, read advice and searched on the US Patent & Trademark site to find the answers to the above questions. It costs more than $300 to apply and that’s not guaranteeing an approval. You also have to factor in a five to six month wait for a response.

Now what? Decide whether your personal brand needs trademarking. It might not be now, but think about your long-term goals. Would it make sense to trademark now to guarantee your current branding efforts aren’t going to waste?


Do you have any advice for the application process? Do you think trademarks are necessary? Why or why not?

This trademark business is all new to me, so please share any information by leaving a comment below.


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