SEO for Dummies

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

What’s in it for you?

After you’ve started developing your personal brand, you want to get your name out there so the world can view your content. That’s where SEO comes into play.

Here’s how to put it all into perspective. Google your name. What comes up on the first page? Like what you see? Employers decide to google your name once you’re considered a legit candidate. Or maybe even before that. Eventually, you’re googled and then you’re judged. Judged on the content, that is. Your future employer will toss your resume in the trash if your niche is social media, and hardly any relevant social media sites linked to you appear on the search results. Now mom’s advice is crucial: Actions do speak louder than words. The fancy wording on your resume means nothing if you can’t back it up.

You understand the importance of SEO, now how do you use it to your advantage?

Put your name out there.

There’s the basics: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Creating and updating a blog is a huge benefit to your SEO.

Other noteworthy tools: – Create your online social media resume.

Carbonmade – Add content to create an online portfolio.

Extendr – Similar to, another way to create an online social media resume.

Flickr – Add and share photos.

Foursquare – Update your location from a smartphone. New update allows photos.

Slideshare – Add presentations you’re proud of.

YouTube – Add videos you’ve filmed/edited. (Also see: Teach Me How to YouTube)

Sign up, personalize and watch your SEO reach a new level.


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