Teach Me How to YouTube

You probably use YouTube to find a song or hilarious video. You might share it on a social media site. But have you tried searching how-to videos? From Photoshop instructions to iPhone fixes to applying make-up, YouTube tutorials are waiting for you to find them. Let me tell you how.

This past Saturday was semi-formal. I had the dress and shoes picked out, but was unsure how to do my hair and make-up. I did a few YouTube searches and found a match. I typed in “bridal make up” because my dress was white and I wanted something light for my eyes. Using the same search technique, I typed in “hair up do.” I ended up following this tutorial for my eyes and this one for my hair.

And voilà.











If hair and make-up aren’t your thing, there are a ton of tech tutorials that will save the day. I’ve used this tutorial for my iPhone when I got the white screen of death. A few minutes later and some rando just made my day. (And saved me a trip to the Apple store.) Basically, if you can think it, there’s probably a tutorial video for it. So start searching.


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