This Week’s Must-Have iPhone Apps

For those of you traveling this Thanksgiving, I recommend the MusicID app. It’s my go-to app when I hear a great song and need to know the artist and title. It’s very accurate and even gives you the lyrics. Perfect for being the annoying one on a long road trip.







Upon stuffing your face with turkey and potatoes, update your calorie intake on the Lose It! app. This app is great for recording your activities and calories. Not to mention some of the exercises are hilarious and random. Example: darts, juggling, music playing and vacuuming. My favorite part is the goals tab, which shows allows you to choose a goal weight and displays your weight over time.







After your crazy uncle devours every dessert and bottle of alcohol, use the FatBooth app to really make things fun. Who wouldn’t love seeing themselves as the next Biggest Loser contestant?


I texted this to my dad and he replied, "Where did you get that?"



Do not attempt Black Friday without Amazon’s PriceCheck app. It’s the best and easiest way to know if you’re getting a good deal. Avoid stampedes and use it at home.







Have fun, and don’t leave home without your charger.


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