5 Steps to Build Your Brand

Let’s talk about your online presence.

What makes you pick McDonald’s over Burger King, Apple over Microsoft, or Coke over Pepsi?

What will make an employer pick you over someone else?

MARKETING. Companies marketing or branding their products is exactly how job seekers should market themselves.

To build your personal brand, follow these five steps:

  • Find your niche. Who’s your audience? How will you captivate them? Once you choose your target audience, you can select your content.
  • Choose your messengers. Whether it’s a blog, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, update regularly. Multiple messengers recommended.
  • Be consistent. Your audience knows what to expect from you, and that’s what keeps bringing them back. Don’t get distracted with irrelevant material.
  • Network. Find similar brands and connect.
  • Evaluate. Social media is constantly changing, and your brand has to adapt to these changes. Be flexible and continue to reevaluate your online presence.

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